Chocolate Truffles from Batch PDX.Photo © Pete Eckert

Chocolate Truffles from Batch PDX.

Photo © Pete Eckert

“Like a lot of people, I’ve become more of a fan of dark chocolate recently. (The rise in popularity might have something to do with its alleged health benefits; for one thing, it’s high in antioxidants.)

Coincidentally, there’s some great new dark chocolate out there—let’s look at some of them.

Batch PDX; Portland, Oregon
These confections have the tagline Chocolate Hedonism (exactly!). Flavors include Ghost Pepper (the scarily hot pepper is used to infuse dark chocolate ganache truffles; one pepper spikes more than 70 truffles) and the Joyful Almond (dark chocolate-covered coconut ganache gets an almond topper; it’s like the ultimate Almond Joy).”

— Food & Wine, November 5, 2013

Portland Monthly – March 5, 2013

A Fresh Batch of PDX Chocolates

Jeremy Karp’s Batch PDX is mixing some of Portland’s favorite things (Booze! Coffee! Ghost peppers! More Booze!) and covering them with chocolate.

Published Mar 5, 2013, 3:00pm

We developed a crush on Batch PDX’s Spicy Passion truffle in our Food Lover’s Guide last September, but with the new year that crush has turned into full-on obsession. There’s something about Jeremy Karp’s grown-up flavors that keep our fingers mysteriously returning to the box for another hit.

From the Oregon-grown chiles in that fateful spiked passionfruit number to the sweetened condensed milk in his cup-shaped Thai Iced Tea truffle, Karp knows how to read Portland’s ever-changing cravings and turn them into bite-sized confections.

Other recent hits? The elegant Columbian Espresso with locally roasted coffee is a natural fit for the market, and Karp’s lineup of cocktail-inspired treats—including the Margarita, Piña Colada, Dark & Stormy, and Rye—perfectly capture the booze-soaked zeitgeist, making Batch PDX one to watch in the growing legions of local chocolatiers.

Want to get your hands on a box of these beauties? Batch PDX chocolates can be ordered by calling Karp directly at 503-913-3789 or by emailing [email protected] (after you check out the full line of truffles on the Batch PDX website). Individual truffles can also be found at Cacao, ‎3 Doors Down Cafe, and Wildwood.

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The Oregonian – February 4th, 2013

What we’re loving: Batchpdx chocolates

Vietnames Coffee (Dark Chocolate)There’s so much high-end chocolate these days that it takes something mighty fine to capture our fancy. But we were hooked by the truffles from Batchpdx, Portland’s new chocolatier. A favorite is the Spicy Passion, made with a layer of exquisite, nay, ethereal passion fruit paired with a layer of chocolate ganache spiked with Oregon-grown chiles. It’s not searingly hot, but it’s got heat — which is want you want on Valentine’s Day, yes? Equally stunning is the Vietnamese Ice Coffee, a delicate chocolate cup filled with chocolate ganache flavored with Vietnamese coffee and sweetened condensed milk — just like the real deal. In addition to these and other “Contemporary” truffles, there are the tamer “Classic” and “Nostalgic” collections. For Valentine’s Day, Batchpdx is offering some special collections, but you can also order custom boxes by choosing from among the selections at


A box of eight truffles is $18 (18 truffles for $38; 32 truffles for $64). Order from Jeremy at 503-913-3789 or by email at [email protected]. You can also find Batch chocolates at Cacao (712 S.W. Salmon St. or 414 S.W. 13th Ave.) or at 3 Doors Down Cafe.


— Katherine Miller

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Willamette Week Mentions Our Almond n’ Coconut Truffle

[CHOCOLATE HEAVEN] One sip of Cacao’s spicy, dark drinking chocolate is enough to erase that awful Portlandia skit from your memory. It bathes your tongue in velvety chocolate richness with a tiny cayenne kick. But don’t stop at drinking your chocolate when you head into Jesse Manis and Aubrey Lindley’s mocha-toned storefront. They carry an enticing collection of bars, drops and more from global and local chocolatiers. Local confectioner Cocanu’s Moonwalk bar features cacao nibs and Pop Rocks. A Byrne & Carlson bar is beautifully jeweled with slices of fruit. A truffle from Central Point’s Lillie Belle spread combines smoky blue cheese and milk chocolate. Behind the glass case, try a Batch PDX Joyful Almond square—a top-dollar version of the similarly named candy bar. Or sample the rich, buttery and slightly spicy ghost-chili caramel from Seattle’s Theo Chocolate. DC. Shopping list: Drinking chocolate, top-quality baking chocolate, organic, stone-ground Taza Chocolate, Askinosie dark-chocolate bars. Link to original article

Mint Meltaway

Oval shape with a shiny bump pattern on top.

There is a reason why we call them classics. While the interior may seem firm, it quickly melts onto you palate-releasing that wonderful combination of dark chocolate and peppermint!