Holiday Offers 2012

Batchpdx 2012 Holiday Collection

Celebrate the holidays with chocolate gifts from Batchpdx!
We have gift boxes featuring a mix of old favorites and new tastes as well.

Boozy Box: That’s right, you can drink your chocolates! Well, not really but they

will remind you of some of your favorite adult libations. Available flavors include
Bourbon, Champagne, Margarita and Peppermint Schnapps. You can still legally
drive after eating these.

Seasonal Box: Winter is here. Curl up with a rich box of Cinnamon, Espresso,

Earl Grey and 66 2/3% chocolates. Guaranteed to give you warm and fuzzy holiday

Just Because Box: Sometimes a good mix of fine chocolates doesn’t have a catchy

theme—except that they are all delicious! Enjoy our Spicy Passion, Vietnamese Iced
Coffee, Caramel n’ Milk and Joyful Almond confections.

Other available truffles: Mint Meltaway and Nutty Crunchy pdx!

Additional descriptions and pictures can be found at


8 Truffle box $18
18 Truffle box $38
32 Truffle box $64

How to order

Email [email protected] with your order

Orders received by Dec.18 will be available for pick up
between 10am and 2pm on the 22nd
*Orders over $50 will be delivered to offices in downtown Portland on the 21 st

New Years orders must be made by December 26th and will be available for pick up
between 10am and 2pm the 29th.
*Orders over $50 will be delivered to offices in downtown on the 28 th

The kitchen is located near Hwy 217 and Hall Blvd.
Payment can be made with check, Paypal, credit card or cash.

Missed the deadline? It may be possible to fill your order—just ask!

*For deliveries, someone must be available to receive your order between 10 am
and 3pm

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