Mother’s Day 2013

2013 Mother’s Day Specials

Do yourself (and mom) a favor this year and get her something sweet and unique that everyone can enjoy. We’ve got collections to please every palate and

custom box options.



Spring Assortment

Taste the season with a variety of our best and brightest new flavors.


Raspberry –Milk chocolate raspberry ganache enrobed in dark chocolate garnished with dried organic raspberry dust.


Yuzu – Bright, fresh, and floral flavors from the Japanese citrus fruit married with dark chocolate.


Dulce de Leche – A little Latin American twist to our collection. Caramelized milk ganache dipped in a dark chocolate punch is sure to please.


Passion Fruit – Filled with a tart yet luxurious ganache made with passion fruit and milk chocolate. Tangy and tropical.



Classic Collection

Embrace simplicity with these quintessential confections.

Vanilla – Simplicity at it’s best! A ganache made with milk chocolate and the seeds of an orchid (vanilla) showcase the beauty of two amazing treats.


Venezuela 69 – The 69 refers to the percentage of cacao products from these wonderful Venezuelan beans. Dark chocolate with hints of hazelnut and floral notes make this decadent interior a special chocolate experience.


Three Beans – Have you ever had a glass of Sambuca with three coffee beans in it? Just mix anise, coffee and chocolate and you will be in heaven.


Joyful Almond – A nostalgic treat to finish off the box. Coconut ganache enrobed in dark chocolate. Yes, just like that childhood confection but elevated to a new level!



Boozy Box

Confections inspired by our favorite libations.

Disclaimer: You can still legally drive after eating these.

Champagne – Add some extra ‘pop’ to your party without a bottle. A creamy chocolate interior flavored with Marc de Champagne. Truffles and bubbles never tasted so good.


Margarita – A dessert version of our favorite cocktail.


Framboise – The first of our forthcoming beer collection.  The lambic beer framboise gives this truffle a tart raspberry flavor.


Dark and Stormy – Like the drink it’s named after, this confection is a careful balance of Bermuda Rum and ginger that is sure to brighten and soothe.


Want to customize your own box? Email [email protected].



8 Truffle box $18

18 Truffle box $38

32 Truffle box $64


How to order

Email [email protected] with your order


Orders received by May 7th will be available for pick up between 9am and 2pm from May 9th-11th or by appointment.

*Orders over $50 will be delivered to offices in downtown Portland on the 10th between 10am and 2pm.

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