The Oregonian – February 4th, 2013

What we’re loving: Batchpdx chocolates

Vietnames Coffee (Dark Chocolate)There’s so much high-end chocolate these days that it takes something mighty fine to capture our fancy. But we were hooked by the truffles from Batchpdx, Portland’s new chocolatier. A favorite is the Spicy Passion, made with a layer of exquisite, nay, ethereal passion fruit paired with a layer of chocolate ganache spiked with Oregon-grown chiles. It’s not searingly hot, but it’s got heat — which is want you want on Valentine’s Day, yes? Equally stunning is the Vietnamese Ice Coffee, a delicate chocolate cup filled with chocolate ganache flavored with Vietnamese coffee and sweetened condensed milk — just like the real deal. In addition to these and other “Contemporary” truffles, there are the tamer “Classic” and “Nostalgic” collections. For Valentine’s Day, Batchpdx is offering some special collections, but you can also order custom boxes by choosing from among the selections at


A box of eight truffles is $18 (18 truffles for $38; 32 truffles for $64). Order from Jeremy at 503-913-3789 or by email at [email protected]. You can also find Batch chocolates at Cacao (712 S.W. Salmon St. or 414 S.W. 13th Ave.) or at 3 Doors Down Cafe.


— Katherine Miller

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