Willamette Week Mentions Our Almond n’ Coconut Truffle

[CHOCOLATE HEAVEN] One sip of Cacao’s spicy, dark drinking chocolate is enough to erase that awful Portlandia skit from your memory. It bathes your tongue in velvety chocolate richness with a tiny cayenne kick. But don’t stop at drinking your chocolate when you head into Jesse Manis and Aubrey Lindley’s mocha-toned storefront. They carry an enticing collection of bars, drops and more from global and local chocolatiers. Local confectioner Cocanu’s Moonwalk bar features cacao nibs and Pop Rocks. A Byrne & Carlson bar is beautifully jeweled with slices of fruit. A truffle from Central Point’s Lillie Belle spread combines smoky blue cheese and milk chocolate. Behind the glass case, try a Batch PDX Joyful Almond square—a top-dollar version of the similarly named candy bar. Or sample the rich, buttery and slightly spicy ghost-chili caramel from Seattle’s Theo Chocolate. DC. Shopping list: Drinking chocolate, top-quality baking chocolate, organic, stone-ground Taza Chocolate, Askinosie dark-chocolate bars. Link to original article

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