Welcome to Batch PDX. Handcrafted Chocolates. (PDX is Portland, Oregon)

To order chocolates email Jeremy Karp.

Find a Batch

Batch PDX chocolates can be ordered directly by calling Jeremy at 503-913-3789 or emailing jeremy@batchpdx.com.

Batch PDX chocolates can be found at these fine establishments:

Cacao https://cacaodrinkchocolate.com/

Creo https://creochocolate.com/

Chocopolis https://www.chocolopolis.com/

Honeycreeper https://www.honeycreeperchocolate.com/

Apolloni https://apolloni.com/

Helvetia Winery https://helvetiawinery.com/


Mingo West http://www.mingowest.com/

3 Doors Down Cafe https://www.3doorsdowncafe.com/location/